Gained 48 lbs in 9 Months

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! I have successfully bulked up from 143 to 191 in about 9 months, and I am absolutely thrilled."

Adrian J.

Increased Squat by 70 lbs in 3 Weeks!

"I'm starting the third week of the mass diet and training routine. I'm proud to say that i haven't gone on a binge and have stuck to my diet. It's incredible. I feel a lot stronger, and i know I'm getting bigger as the tape measures are increasing(not a whole lot, but enough to really know).

My legs have gotten AMAZINGLY stronger. Before this workout diet/program, I was squatting max about 145, 4 reps. Now I'm squatting 215, 3 reps on the fourth set. Next week, I'm shooting for 225. And i'm only in my third week. Maybe its psychological as well but this is incredible! Thanks!"

Thai V.

Gained 23 lbs in 20 Weeks

"I gained 23 pounds (from 153 to 176) over 20 weeks...Thank you for the program you developed -- it provides the information, structure, and support that really makes the difference for me...

Jerry K.

Program Changed Life

"It has been a long time since we have talked. I want to start off by saying that your book has changed my life.

I purchased the book about two years ago and have gained more mass and strength than I ever imagined I could. "

Brian Z.

Gained 20 lbs

"YOU are the one that motivated me to start building up, and I feel better (physically) and stronger than ever! I have put on over 20 pounds and its great.

Everything you said has guided me."

Mike Z.

Gained 16 lbs. in 4 Weeks!

"Just wanted to catch up with you about the program. I have learned a great deal since the time i have become a member.

I have been consistent for the past 4 weeks and have dropped my body fat % from 15.70 to 13.01 and my muscle gain is at 16.24 (went from 184pounds to 192)."

Gregory P.

Gained 18 lbs So Far...

"Hey, just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the program. I had a hard time keeping the thing going as far as the food end of it. I just had a hard time ingesting so many calories.

However, I have continues with it and I have to say the results are great I have gained 18 lb.. Not a lot I know, but, for me it was considerable. I am still trying to pack on the other 15 lb.. I am sure I will arrive there soon."

Darin R.

Gained 25 lbs In 3 Months

"Anthony, I have increased my weight to 155 pounds from 130 pounds in the last 3 months..."

Suresh V.

Gained 17 lbs In 3 Months

"After completing the mass building section of the program I gained 17lbs. I had a few injuries that limited me, and I could have done a little better on the diet, so I'm pleased.

It is by far the most weight I have ever gained." [Note: He also added 2 inches to his legs]

Bill K.
New York

Can See Six-Pack for First Time

"Hey, I'm just writing to express first of all my gratitude for your Fat Loss Program. I have been on it for almost 12 weeks and have went from around 15% body fat to 6-7% body fat!

I'm very happy, being I can see my six pack for the first time in my life. Your program works!"

Micah B.

Gained 30 lbs in 23 Weeks

"I've gained 30 pounds on the program so far. I went from 132 to 162."

Thomas C.

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