Learning More About Nutrition And Exercise

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the questions you have answered for me. I have gained so much insight on nutrition and weight training since I purchased your manual.

Once I get started, the body that i am going to build I do not thing could have been done without your help and, of course, the manual."

Matt B.

Gained 40 lbs in Less Than A Year

"In the last year on your program I have gained and seen some very good results. Started at 145lbs and I am now at a solid 185lbs."

Marco B.

Gained 28 lbs Of Muscle In 3 Months

"I'm pleased to announce that I have gained 13kgs (28 pounds) of lean muscle !! still another 15 pounds to go then im happy ! I went from 59kgs to 78kgs in just over 3 and a half months...

Everyone that sees me now just cannot believe its me."

Riaad H.
New Zealand

Gained 10 lbs So Far

"I feel GREAT =) I started just after the new year and have been keeping with it. My body fat has dropped a few percentage points, i have gained 10lbs from my original starting weight of 178, and i look better than ever.

And just because i have made these gains, i am not stopping. I want to see what i can in the long-run. =) I'm 6'4, and now 188, and i would like to eventually get to 200-205."

Robert L.
New York

Gained 20 lbs In 4 Weeks

"Thank you, thank you and thank you. I have just completed my first month and am amazed at the results of your great program. I have gained 20 lbs. (185-205) although my bodyfat has only raised two points."

Kevin W.

Gained 25 lbs In 6 Weeks

"It's been about 6 weeks since I started...The system works great and I have already gained over 25 pounds of muscle."

Michael R.

Gained 20 lbs in 10 Weeks

"...I put on 20 lbs in 2.5 months."

Lee W.

Gained 20 lbs in 18 Weeks

"I am about to break the 170 mark (im at 168) and i began at 150- 152...im just beginning week 18."

Mark H.

Added 2.5 Inches To Biceps

"Started 12 weeks on January 16th...just ended last Tuesday on April 10th....went from 155 lbs to 163 lbs and went from about 19% body fat to just about 14%...My arms went from 12" to 14.5", chest went from 31" to 41", neck went from 15" to 16.5"

Todd W.

Gained Over 10 lbs in 7 Weeks

"It has been just about 4 weeks into my training and I have been told that I look bigger and have gained weight. It seems like the hard work is paying off, but believe me, I am eager to continue.

The compliments have given me the desire to keep moving forward and to work even harder."

[update 3 weeks later] "I have completed 7 weeks of the program thus far. I have gained about 10-15 pounds. I feel that I will gain more..."

Peter A.
New Jersey

Gained Over 20 lbs

"I purchased your system a while ago and i have gained over 20 lbs of muscle..."

Michael D.
New York

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