Gained 10 lbs in First 4 Weeks

"By the way, I am 155 lbs now, and I am in the fourth week, I started at 145."

Preston P.

Gained 20 lbs in 3 Months!

"...i have put on about 20 lbs of mass since my before picture..."

Joe C.

Gaining Muscle Every Week

"Hi, I started your program in June and now I am nearing completion of the 26 week program for gaining mass.

All I have to say about your program and your knowledge about the subject is incredible. I love it. I have almost become addicted to your type of lifestyle and it is awesome.

I am gaining mass, every week."

Bryant B.

Gained 27 lbs So Far

"I also wanted to say 'THANK YOU' for showing me how to gain some mass and keep it on. I have always weighted 120 pounds up until now, currently I am at 147 and looking to make it to the 170 mark in four months."

Daryl H.

Gained 8 lbs in Under 2 Weeks

"I just want to thank you for my 8 lbs that I put on this week. Your advice really helped me out and I look and feel much better.

Give yourself a pat on your back I'm sure though you receive thank yous all the time and mine is just another but anyways thanks again."

Joe S.

Gained 10 lbs After 4 Weeks

"Anthony, I'm starting my 4th week. I feel quite good, increased 10 pounds and gaining strength."

Hector. C.

Gained 12 lbs In 3 Weeks

"I have been on your program for only 3 short weeks and during the first 2 weeks I gained 12 POUNDS!!!

Yes I am excited if you are wondering! I originally weight 150 and I was 6ft, all my measurements have been almost exact to yours except I am just a little bigger but all of my gains have been almost an exact replica of yours.

At the end of my 3rd week I now weight 164. I love eating all these meals it keeps my booming with energy."

Terrie L.

Gained 11 lbs Of Muscle And Lost 9 lbs Of Fat

"I have actually gained about 11 lb of muscle and lost 9lb of fat to be precise with the exact percentages etc..."

Craig I.

Gained 17-20 lbs In A Few Months

"The bottom line is that even though I don't follow your program 100%, I've gained about 17-20 pounds since January..."

Neil H.
New York

Seeing Results...

"Its working. Thanks a lot. I have not been as strict as I should be on the diet and workout but I am still seeing results.

I work construction and being strict on this diet and workout can be difficult, especially after getting home from a hard day at work. But I am still seeing results.

Great information and I am glad I got the manual because it filled in the gaps and answered a lot of questions."

Larry F.

Bicep Increased by 1.5 Inches Chest Grew 2 Inches

"Thanks again for another very prompt response. I always think a guy like you would be so busy throughout the day, and you probably are, yet you find the time to answer my emails so quickly...After one month, I've gained two inches on just about all my tape measurements.

My bicep has increased from 14" to 15.5", my chest from 40" to 42", while my hips down from 38" to 36"! My body fat hasn't really dropped yet, but of course I'm not on your fat-burning program so it's no big deal.

I don't want to sound like every other fan of yours, but thanks for everything so far."

Grant M.

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