Facebook User Gains 20 lbs!

"... your program has changed my life and gave me direction when it comes to weight lifting and dieting. I've gained 20 lbs so far and counting! "

Rolondo B.

Lost Body Fat and Gained Muscle

"I started on January 3rd at 185 and 15.7% bodyfat. I used your program to drop down, then added a few pounds of muscle. As of February 6, 2000 I was 177 lbs and had bodyfat of 11.9%."

Rick B.

Gained 5 lbs in 2 Weeks

"I really like your program and I have gained about five pounds in 2 weeks of using it."

Matt B.

Gained 23 lbs in 20 Weeks

"I gained 23 pounds (from 153 to 176) over 20 weeks...Thank you for the program you developed -- it provides the information, structure, and support that really makes the difference for me...

Jerry K.

Gained 10 lbs In 4 Weeks

"Anthony, so far your program has worked great. I've gained 10 lbs in 4 weeks. My body fat has increased, but not that much.

I'm just glad that I'm filling out and getting stronger. Your program is awesome! "

John B.

Gained 7 ls in First 2 Weeks

"Today I have taken measures after my second training week...I have gained nearly 7 pounds (now 155 pounds) in my first two weeks of training with a constant percentage of fat (14.5%)."

Juergen. W.

Gained 25 lbs In 11 Weeks

"I first want to congratulate you on such an outstanding program and manual. I modeled it over 2 years ago and managed to put on 25 pounds in 11 weeks.

I went from 143 to 168 but my new goal is 190."

Phillip T.

Gained 14 lbs In 5 Weeks

"...Your program has produce some impressive results even though, I couldn't start taking the Glutamine until the 3rd week. I gain 14 pounds after the 5th week...

Several people notice the weight/ muscle gain, even though I didn't."

Rafiq J.

Gained 16 lbs In 5 Weeks

"Overall, the program is working great for me, +16 lbs. in week 5, best health related purchase I ever made..."

Roger S.

Gained Over 35 lbs In 6 Months

"Hey Anthony, I love your program...anyway your program helped me a lot I gained over 35 pounds in six months..."

Scott M.

Gained 8 lbs in Under 2 Weeks

"I just want to thank you for my 8 lbs that I put on this week. Your advice really helped me out and I look and feel much better.

Give yourself a pat on your back I'm sure though you receive thank yous all the time and mine is just another but anyways thanks again."

Joe S.

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