Gained 30 lbs In 6 Weeks

"I have been trying to gain weight for years now, but it wasn't before I saw your page that realized that it was possible! Thanx! I'm now up 30 pounds in only 6 weeks!"

Jorgen M.

Gained 18 Pounds of Muscle

"Hey Anthony. I just want to thank you for everything. I finished your 26 week program (most in the last 12 weeks) and am proud to say i gained 20 pounds(18 of it or so was muscle).

I went from 126 lbs to a whopping 146 and I am very happy about it. I have always wanted to hit 150 lbs since I started lifting, but now am past that goal and working hard to my new goals.

I have started a new cycle a few weeks ago and have already gained 6 pounds. I never knew this could be possible. It made such a big change in my confidence and personal life. Thanks for everything!!"

Sri M.

Gained 35 lbs in 6 Weeks

"Still great results on your program. I am in week 6 of your program and up 35 pounds."

Reuben R.

Gained 27 lbs So Far

"I also wanted to say 'THANK YOU' for showing me how to gain some mass and keep it on. I have always weighted 120 pounds up until now, currently I am at 147 and looking to make it to the 170 mark in four months."

Daryl H.

Gained 12 lbs In 4 Weeks

"Writing to let you know that I have gained 12 pounds in four weeks. When I started I was 140 pounds (5% bodyfat) at 6' 2".

Now I'm up to 152 (8%). My goal is 170, and I'm very confident that I'll reach it by the end of the summer. I love it!

Its been said before, but I'll say it again -- You are the man!"

Geoff R.

Navy Diver Builds Mass

"Just thought I'd let you know that I received your manual last week. I have since read every page at least 2 times. Must say you have all kinds of good information in there which is good to see (I used to be a personal trainer and am a Navy Bomb Disposal Diver living in Australia for another 10 months)... It is good to have so much good information in one place, and such an easy format for anyone to've already done the legwork for us!"

Joe K.

Gained 5 kg in 8 Weeks

"By the way I've been on the program since April. In my first 12 weeks I went from 73kg up to 78kg...

Craig I.

Making Considerable Improvement

"I have been on your program for six weeks and have made considerable improvements thus far...Thanks again for all the help I would never have come this far without your advise and I'm not even finished!"

John W.

Gained 24 lbs In 6 Months

"Just wanted to say hi and give you a quick update on my progress! I joined up about six months ago, Im still not quite there but I have managed to gain 24pounds (wow)! Ive almost doubled my benching weight from 40kg to 70kg, im feeling bigger and more confident!"

John W.
United Kingdom

Gained 15 lbs Of Muscle And Lost 8 lbs Of Fat

"Just a quick note cuz' I'm sure you're busy. Just finished the 4th week:

Dropped 7% of body fat. Dropped 7.9lbs of fat.

Gained 14.9 lbs of muscle. Not great, but it's only the beginning."

David M.

Gained 5 lbs. in 2 Weeks

"I've already seen an improvement. It's been two weeks and I've gained 5 pounds of lean muscle and my body fat % went down 2 points."

Cory H.

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