Gained 7 lbs the First Week

"...Program is really working. I gained about 7 pounds in the first week here."

Kyle R.

Gained 22 lbs In 10 Weeks

"Over the past ten weeks I have gained about 22 pounds, the majority of it being muscle.

My thighs, back, chest, and even shoulders have made considerable gains, enough to noticed by people who see me everyday."

Mike G.

Gained 15 lbs in 6 Weeks

"I found your page a month or two ago... Since then I have worked out 3 times a week without fail (wed, Fri., sun) and have already gained 15 pounds!"

Alex A.

Gained 27 lbs In 3 Months

"Thank you so much for your knowledge. I finished my first 12 weeks flawlessly, and I am currently taking a breather for a week or two.

My first twelve weeks kicked ass, I gained 27 pounds of muscle, and some gains in fat but not much, so I am going to go another round of gaining and then before the summer hits, work my butt off to loose the body fat. Thanks again."

Brian B.

Gained 15 lbs in 4 Weeks

"I started the program on 1/15/01 at 135 lbs, and now I'm about 150 lbs [on 2/8/01].

Thanks for all the help. just today, one of my friends during swim class said i looked "drastically bigger." you were right, it's getting easier. Now I know i'm gonna reach my goal. thank you so much."

Frank C.

Gained 9 lbs in 5 Weeks

"Hi, i just want to let you know that thanks to your routine and diet i have gained 9 pounds in 5 weeks plus I've also lost fat..."

Juan C.

Losing Fat And Gaining Muscle

"Still going strong! I'm on the Fat loss program. After two weeks my total numbers are...

Body Fat - down 4%
Fat Loss - 5 lbs
Muscle Gain - 4 lbs.

I'm already noticing a difference. If I can continue to gain 2 lbs of muscle per week even when I switch over to the Modified Mass Program, I'll be thrilled! Holding my weight at 160lbs (5'11"). When all is said and done, I think 175 would be ideal!"

Dean G.

Gained 15 lbs in 12 Months

"I have had this program for over a year and have gained 15 pounds of muscle... It's a great program..."

John H.

Increased Squat by 70 lbs in 3 Weeks!

"I'm starting the third week of the mass diet and training routine. I'm proud to say that i haven't gone on a binge and have stuck to my diet. It's incredible. I feel a lot stronger, and i know I'm getting bigger as the tape measures are increasing(not a whole lot, but enough to really know).

My legs have gotten AMAZINGLY stronger. Before this workout diet/program, I was squatting max about 145, 4 reps. Now I'm squatting 215, 3 reps on the fourth set. Next week, I'm shooting for 225. And i'm only in my third week. Maybe its psychological as well but this is incredible! Thanks!"

Thai V.

Gained 24 lbs In 3 Months

"Well, just finished up my 6th week and I gained 17 lbs. I got my body fat % taken professionally and it was 6.8% to start with and 7.2% now, so most of that weight is lean."

[Update] "I finished your 3 month program....I went from 130lbs to 154lbs but skipped the fat loss since my body fat was still only 7.8%."

Marco P.

Gained 7.5 lbs In 2 Weeks

"Well, so far I am very pleased with the results: in two weeks I have gained 7.5 lbs., and my bodyfat percentage has remained at 9%."

Paul O.

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