Gained 24 lbs in 12 Weeks

"In my last email, i told u that i weighed 163lbs. Since that last email, i have gained another 12 lbs making me 175lbs.

I'm very happy with the result and will keep on striving till i reach my new goal of 185-190lbs."

Vincent L.
United Kingdom

Gained 30 lbs in 20 Weeks

"I've used your program for last 5 months and have gained 30 pounds from 150-180. (6 ft. tall) Thank You."

Phillip T.

Gained Over 10 lbs in 7 Weeks

"It has been just about 4 weeks into my training and I have been told that I look bigger and have gained weight. It seems like the hard work is paying off, but believe me, I am eager to continue.

The compliments have given me the desire to keep moving forward and to work even harder."

[update 3 weeks later] "I have completed 7 weeks of the program thus far. I have gained about 10-15 pounds. I feel that I will gain more..."

Peter A.
New Jersey

Impressed With The Program

"Let me complement you on the quality of document you have put together. I have read through it several times now, and it is incredibly well-organized and easy to use.

If you are a professional writer, it is extremely well done; if you are not, maybe you should be!)"

John J.

Gained 12 lbs In 4 Weeks

"Writing to let you know that I have gained 12 pounds in four weeks. When I started I was 140 pounds (5% bodyfat) at 6' 2".

Now I'm up to 152 (8%). My goal is 170, and I'm very confident that I'll reach it by the end of the summer. I love it!

Its been said before, but I'll say it again -- You are the man!"

Geoff R.

Gained 13 lbs In 3 Weeks

"...In my first 3 weeks I have went from 162.5lbs to 171lbs. A lean body mass of 145.28 up to 158.35! Went down to 7.4% from 9.2%! Total gain of 13lbs of muscle mass! I checked the math 3 times to be sure.

Could not believe it! You have done a great job and should be very proud of what you have done for yourself and others!"

Jeremi B.

Excited About Results

"By the way--your program has been excellent thus far. I'm gradually dropping bodyfat and have noticed my physique, while still relatively lean, is improving.

My wife even commented on the changes the other night. My stamina is increasing, my mood is improved, and I can't wait to get to the gym each day."

Richard B.

Gained 20 lbs in 10 Weeks

"I began your program at the end of the summer weighing 160 lbs, not very muscular and without abs. In the first two and a half months of school I gained 30lbs, reaching my all time record weight of 190. I have since trimmed down to a ripped 180. The trainer at my gym measured my body fat at 8 - 10%. I am continuing dieting until I reach 5 or 6%.

I wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and for always answering my questions in a timely fashion. I recommend your program to all my friends."

Joe C.

Gained 30 lbs Total

"I am very thankful about you're program, and it really worked for me even though my body progresses at a very slow rate, but then "progress is progress".

I gained almost 30 lbs. for the whole program of the gaining mass workbook... once again thank you, and more success with you're program."

Serwil M.

Gained 12 lbs in 8 Weeks

"...My name is Aaron I'm 21, and I started your program 5 weeks ago on Jan 23, and have been following it to a tee. I started at a skinny 6ft 128lbs. My current weight is 140 which is great..."

Aaron S.

Gained 18 lbs

"Hey Anthony, how's it going. I just thought I would write to you and let you know how I've been progressing. I used to weigh 143 lbs and now I weigh 161 lbs.

My family and friends have all noticed my weight gain and muscle mass, which has obviously boosted my self esteem (my friends have started asking me what I've been doing and how they can achieve what I've been doing)."

Jose C.

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