Gained 17 lbs in 12 Weeks

"I have experienced increases in size and strength and am pleased with my leg development. I've actually gained 2 1/4 inches on my thighs (A miracle for me!!!!!)."

Results after 12 weeks:
Before: 153 lbs 8% body fat
After: 170 lbs 11% body fat

Edward N.
New York

Gained 8 lbs in Under 2 Weeks

"I just want to thank you for my 8 lbs that I put on this week. Your advice really helped me out and I look and feel much better.

Give yourself a pat on your back I'm sure though you receive thank yous all the time and mine is just another but anyways thanks again."

Joe S.

Gained 25 lbs In 11 Weeks

"I first want to congratulate you on such an outstanding program and manual. I modeled it over 2 years ago and managed to put on 25 pounds in 11 weeks.

I went from 143 to 168 but my new goal is 190."

Phillip T.

Seeing Results...

"Its working. Thanks a lot. I have not been as strict as I should be on the diet and workout but I am still seeing results.

I work construction and being strict on this diet and workout can be difficult, especially after getting home from a hard day at work. But I am still seeing results.

Great information and I am glad I got the manual because it filled in the gaps and answered a lot of questions."

Larry F.

Gained Over 35 lbs In 6 Months

"Hey Anthony, I love your program...anyway your program helped me a lot I gained over 35 pounds in six months..."

Scott M.

Navy Diver Builds Mass

"Just thought I'd let you know that I received your manual last week. I have since read every page at least 2 times. Must say you have all kinds of good information in there which is good to see (I used to be a personal trainer and am a Navy Bomb Disposal Diver living in Australia for another 10 months)... It is good to have so much good information in one place, and such an easy format for anyone to've already done the legwork for us!"

Joe K.

Gained 30 lbs in 12 Weeks

"I have just completed my first 12 weeks of the lifting program, and I am, so far, pleasantly surprised at the results.

I've put on exactly 30 lbs., and my body fat was at a shade over 10% about 1 month ago. My personal goal is to get to 200 lbs., and between 3% and 6% body fat; right now I'm at 175 lbs."

[update] "your advice has been 110% effective. I've put on just under 60 lbs of mass..."

Derrick W.

Lost Body Fat and Gained Muscle

"I started on January 3rd at 185 and 15.7% bodyfat. I used your program to drop down, then added a few pounds of muscle. As of February 6, 2000 I was 177 lbs and had bodyfat of 11.9%."

Rick B.

Making Considerable Improvement

"I have been on your program for six weeks and have made considerable improvements thus far...Thanks again for all the help I would never have come this far without your advise and I'm not even finished!"

John W.

Gained 43lbs Total

"...This is Alex. I ordered your manual about a month and a half ago and have been on your program for about 5 weeks. Ive gained 15 pounds . I started at 140 and now i am 155... Thanks for all the help!!!"

[update]...I am now 183 pounds, 6 foot, i was 140, 6 foot... I've been extremely pleased with the results that your program has given me!

Alex P.

Gained 39 lbs in 13 Weeks

"I just wanted to let you know that after 13 weeks on your program I have been able to go from mere 121 pounds to 160 pounds. I really don't know how to thank you for you most valuable information.

Today my self-esteem is on a high and it is all due to you. Thank you very much and just wanted to let you know that to me you are a pioneer of this field."

Dinesh P.

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