Losing Fat And Gaining Muscle

"Still going strong! I'm on the Fat loss program. After two weeks my total numbers are...

Body Fat - down 4%
Fat Loss - 5 lbs
Muscle Gain - 4 lbs.

I'm already noticing a difference. If I can continue to gain 2 lbs of muscle per week even when I switch over to the Modified Mass Program, I'll be thrilled! Holding my weight at 160lbs (5'11"). When all is said and done, I think 175 would be ideal!"

Dean G.

Gained 20 lbs In 12 Weeks

"I've been using your program for about 3 months now. I want to start by saying that I'm 26 years old and weighed in at 135lbs! (no known medical problems).

After 3 months using your program almost exactly as you recommend, I now weight 155. This is good since my long-term goal was to reach 160."

David P.

Lost Body Fat and Gained Muscle

"I started on January 3rd at 185 and 15.7% bodyfat. I used your program to drop down, then added a few pounds of muscle. As of February 6, 2000 I was 177 lbs and had bodyfat of 11.9%."

Rick B.

Gained 30 lbs In 10 Weeks

"Well Mr. Ellis, I've been on your plan now for about 10 weeks, and I've gained about 30lbs- so thanks for that."

Bhavik, P.
New York

Gained 12 lbs in 8 Weeks

"...My name is Aaron I'm 21, and I started your program 5 weeks ago on Jan 23, and have been following it to a tee. I started at a skinny 6ft 128lbs. My current weight is 140 which is great..."

Aaron S.

Gained 12 lbs in 10 Weeks

"Thanks for the great program. I took a three week rest after completing 10 weeks of your original program with which I managed to gain 12 pounds of body mass."

Chris P.
New Zealand

Gained 22 lbs In 10 Weeks

"Over the past ten weeks I have gained about 22 pounds, the majority of it being muscle.

My thighs, back, chest, and even shoulders have made considerable gains, enough to noticed by people who see me everyday."

Mike G.

Added 3" of Muscle Onto Chest

"I've just finished my 4th week and the training is going fine. I've managed to put 3 inch's onto my chest which i am very happy with...

I've also put on 1 stone in weight, which i am very happy with. I now weigh 11 stone. I've put 1 inch onto my waist, 4/8" onto my hips."

Michael H.
United Kingdom

Reached Goal in 4 Weeks

"I just wanted to let you know that [after 4 weeks] I reached 180lbs (I can't believe it!) There is a big difference in my chest and my legs have some form to them now.

I feel great, although I did have to buy new jeans. . .Your book is one of the best investments I have made in a long time. Thanks for you help."

David P.

Gained 20 lbs in 3 Months

"I ordered and received both manuals bout 9 months ago. I started the program, continued for 3 months, gained 20 lbs... I know for a fact it does work for us hardgainers!!! Thank you. "

John M.
New Mexico

Gained 11 lbs of Muscle and Lost 10% Body Fat

"I ordered your program a few months ago and just wanted to shoot you off a quick email thanking you. I was not entirely new to weightlifting, my main problem was my diet.

When I received the package I had to start of on the weight loss program (almost 6' tall 172 pds. 120LBM 25% bf) You have quite a program here. Since I started I have gone down to 15% bf and gained 11 pds lbm!!!"

Slavik P.

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