Gained 20 lbs. In 3 Months!

"I finished up the first 12-week session of your program a little over a week ago. Not only did I achieve my numerical goal of 200 lbs. (a 20 pound increase from the 180 I started the program at), but I also hit a visual goal, as indicated by the countless compliments I've received.

I can't wait to get back on the program after my 2-week break and hit new peaks, which I am sure are possible through your program."

Brian F.
New Jersey

Gained 60 lbs In A Year, Increased Bench By 100 lb

"...I've gone from 180 pounds to 240, and my bench has increased by about 100 pounds."

Daniel P.

Gained 27 lbs In 3 Months

"Thank you so much for your knowledge. I finished my first 12 weeks flawlessly, and I am currently taking a breather for a week or two.

My first twelve weeks kicked ass, I gained 27 pounds of muscle, and some gains in fat but not much, so I am going to go another round of gaining and then before the summer hits, work my butt off to loose the body fat. Thanks again."

Brian B.

Never Looked or Felt Better

"First I must thank you, I have never looked or felt better in my life. Your program is working great."

Ben T.
New Jersey

Gained 43lbs Total

"...This is Alex. I ordered your manual about a month and a half ago and have been on your program for about 5 weeks. Ive gained 15 pounds . I started at 140 and now i am 155... Thanks for all the help!!!"

[update]...I am now 183 pounds, 6 foot, i was 140, 6 foot... I've been extremely pleased with the results that your program has given me!

Alex P.

Gained 8-10 lbs So Far...

"The book is GREAT by the way, I'm getting there but it will take maybe 2 month more to reach my goal. I have gained about 8-10 pounds:)"

Rob L.

Gained 40 lbs in Less Than A Year

"In the last year on your program I have gained and seen some very good results. Started at 145lbs and I am now at a solid 185lbs."

Marco B.

Gained 11 lbs of Muscle and Lost 10% Body Fat

"I ordered your program a few months ago and just wanted to shoot you off a quick email thanking you. I was not entirely new to weightlifting, my main problem was my diet.

When I received the package I had to start of on the weight loss program (almost 6' tall 172 pds. 120LBM 25% bf) You have quite a program here. Since I started I have gone down to 15% bf and gained 11 pds lbm!!!"

Slavik P.

Gained 10 lbs in 9 Weeks

"I just finished [week 9] and I have decided to continue bulking up.  Currently I'm 140 lbs and 9.5% bf." [Started nine weeks ago at 130lbs and 10.5% bodyfat]

John D.

Gained 30 lbs in 12 Weeks

"I recently finished mass gaining and I want to start the fatloss diet to shed excess fat for summer. I have put on 30 lbs since October and I remain very happy with those results."

Steve H.

Gained 24 lbs In 3 Months

"Well, just finished up my 6th week and I gained 17 lbs. I got my body fat % taken professionally and it was 6.8% to start with and 7.2% now, so most of that weight is lean."

[Update] "I finished your 3 month program....I went from 130lbs to 154lbs but skipped the fat loss since my body fat was still only 7.8%."

Marco P.

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