Gained 15 lbs in 12 Months

"I have had this program for over a year and have gained 15 pounds of muscle... It's a great program..."

John H.

Gained 10 lbs in 4 Weeks

"Just to give you an update. It's been a month now since I've started the program. I'm happy to say that it is working quite well for me.

I have gained almost ten pounds and have experienced a dramatic improvement in my overall strength. My physique is also "getting better", so to speak. And I am one very happy camper!"

John D.

Gained 12 lbs in 12 Weeks

"I just wanted to inform you that I gained 12 pounds of lean mass and am currently on my two week break. I can not wait to start up again, this time loading on creatine."

John O.

Losing Fat And Gaining Muscle

"Still going strong! I'm on the Fat loss program. After two weeks my total numbers are...

Body Fat - down 4%
Fat Loss - 5 lbs
Muscle Gain - 4 lbs.

I'm already noticing a difference. If I can continue to gain 2 lbs of muscle per week even when I switch over to the Modified Mass Program, I'll be thrilled! Holding my weight at 160lbs (5'11"). When all is said and done, I think 175 would be ideal!"

Dean G.

Added 1" of Muscle to their Chest

"Wednesday I worked the legs ( that was the hardest workout I have ever had). Well, I measured myself today, I gained an inch in my chest and a 1/2 inch in my thigh.


James H.

Pleased With Program

"Congratulations to you, Sir. It's well written, well researched and quite honest."

Rich L.

Gained 7 lbs In 4 Weeks

"I'm finishing week 4 soon and I have gained 7 pounds in total so far and gained no measurable amount of fat (in fact it may even have gone down slightly).

Many thanks Anthony ... I am really getting in to this lifestyle and I can *see* results..."

Tim W.
United Kingdom

Added 7 kg In 4 Weeks

"I'm a few weeks in and have had quite a large improvement in most area' chest measurement appears to have increased because my lats are increasing rapidly so measuring pecs is affected.

By the way, I've put on 7kg plus in 4 weeks. I think that's something like 17 pounds or something."

Anthony A.

Gained 18 lbs, Added 2" to Biceps

"I began my program at 161 lbs and I am now a pound shy of 180. And, I look and feel great. My chest has increased 2in my bi's in."

Richard N.
Washington DC

Gained 25 lbs In 11 Weeks

"I first want to congratulate you on such an outstanding program and manual. I modeled it over 2 years ago and managed to put on 25 pounds in 11 weeks.

I went from 143 to 168 but my new goal is 190."

Phillip T.

Gained 15 lbs in 3 Months

"In the three months I have put on about 15 lbs. I didn't get a chance to measure my body fat prior to starting that three month program however I did take pictures.

I will be finishing my program at the end of this week and will be taking finishing pictures...I think it is an excellent program."

Chad S.

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