Gained 11 kg on Program

"I think 66kg i enough for me, i do not wish to go any further, but i really gain around 11kg through your programme, i really thanks you for this."

Bernard T.

Gained 13 lbs In 3 Weeks

"...In my first 3 weeks I have went from 162.5lbs to 171lbs. A lean body mass of 145.28 up to 158.35! Went down to 7.4% from 9.2%! Total gain of 13lbs of muscle mass! I checked the math 3 times to be sure.

Could not believe it! You have done a great job and should be very proud of what you have done for yourself and others!"

Jeremi B.

Gained 11 lbs Of Muscle And Lost 9 lbs Of Fat

"I have actually gained about 11 lb of muscle and lost 9lb of fat to be precise with the exact percentages etc..."

Craig I.

Facebook User Gains 20 lbs!

"... your program has changed my life and gave me direction when it comes to weight lifting and dieting. I've gained 20 lbs so far and counting! "

Rolondo B.

Gained 30 lbs Total

"...even though i ve been on the program on and off, i ve been able to increase my weight from 128 lbs to 158 lbs."

Abdella B.

Gained 9 lbs in 2 Weeks

"It has been two weeks and I have gained 9 lbs. (155 - 164). When I started, I was following the 160 lb. preset program... Thanks a lot for everything!"

David G.
New Jersey

Gained 16 lbs Since Start

"I have worked out on my own before I found your program, and even kinda made up my own program for eating and exercise schedules and stuff.

Your program has done more for me in 2 weeks then mine did in 3 months.. so I have no regrets at all.. every part of my body is bigger and I'm up +16 LBM since the start..."

Jason D.

Gained 39 lbs in 13 Weeks

"I just wanted to let you know that after 13 weeks on your program I have been able to go from mere 121 pounds to 160 pounds. I really don't know how to thank you for you most valuable information.

Today my self-esteem is on a high and it is all due to you. Thank you very much and just wanted to let you know that to me you are a pioneer of this field."

Dinesh P.

Lost 7 lbs of Fat

"...just completed the fat loss program - I went from 17% to 10% body fat and only had to lose about 7 lbs (of fat) - i lost inches in my waist and gained some size - especially in my arms - i love your workouts its not too long and keeps me interested..."

Bruce B.
New York

Lost 53 lbs!

"Just to let you know though, I have lost 53lbs (I'm 5'8" and weighed 248lbs, now I'm at 195) since I've been on the program Jan 08."

Andy C.

Gained 43 lbs in 14 Weeks

" the way the program is working really well, I originally went on the fat loss diet ( I was 150lbs, 18.3% bodyfat ), I dropped to 145lbs 9.8% bodyfat ), I've been on the mass diet for a week and I am now 151lbs, 10.1% bodyfat.

I'm still well away from my goal of 180lbs, 8% bodyfat, but I'm really motivated and happy with my progress, I'll keep you posted , thanks for all the good advice..."

[update] "I have completed 10 weeks of the mass diet, in a total of 14 weeks i have gone from 150 lbs 18% bodyfat to 193lbs 11.3%."

Danny C.

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